16 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 16th August 2015

An excellent number of 20 riders assembled for this mornings ride in Gisborne in ideal conditions for this time of the year, minimal wind and nice sunshine. It was good to see Luke back riding again after having been off for some time while recovering from the flu, plus 3 other riders who occasionally ride on the Sundays. 18 riders chose to ride over Mt Gisborne and ride the longer route with 2 riders covering the short shorter option.

The ride was beset by punctures with John M being the first to succumb to one after climbing over the top of Deverall Road hill. 3 riders stopped to provide support and moral assistance and once the punctured tyre had been replaced started the chase after the other riders. On regrouping with two of the riders who had waited for us to catch up at the top of Cherry Road John McB also succumbed to a puncture but as he has the the ability to easily catch back to the group he said he would replace the tube on his own and was soon back with the the other members of the tail end riders. The last 6 riders slightly modified the ride in an attempt to catch the remaining riders. All to no avail but by the time the last group had reached Gisborne the others had not been there for a great length of time as some were just having their coffees being served.

A good time was then had by all at the coffee shop before all went their separate ways.