06 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Romsey – 6th September 2015

17 riders assembled in Romsey this morning on a cool morning with a cold but light northerly wind blowing.  2 riders elected to ride the short ride and the remaining 15 riders chose the longer ride and they were joined by Roscoe to the north of Lancefield.

There was a lot of friendly banter about my reindeer antlers ( actually 2 small branches sticking out my helmet) which I have found to be great for magpie protection as there are a couple of spots around Romsey and Lancefield where they can be quite vicious and persistent. Some members of todays ride were swooped as well as myself in the areas where they nest in the trees waiting for hapless cyclists to come by. Luke also had the misfortune to have a puncture early in the ride but it did not take him long to replace the tube and catch up to the group.

We also managed to ride through Lancefield without having a stop for Dave’s mandatory coffee stop. Maybe it was because Roscoe was not with us at that stage.  Once the ride had reached the turn around point at Frosts Road the wind was starting to become much stronger and the ride back was a very fast ride with a nice tail wind and except for the cross wind in Boundary Road it was a very enjoyable ride back to Romsey where everyone assembled for a sit near the fire and coffee and a chat in the cafe and swapped stories about the magpies swooping among other topics.