17 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 17th September 2015

3 riders assembled this morning (Luke,Jennie and myself) on a typical Woodend morning as of late, cold,southerly wind blowing and the ever present threat of rain, however the sun was shining to the north of Woodend so that was the direction that we rode. We rode one of our regular loops to Kyneton and back via Newham, a ride of approx 50km and apart from the normal head wind in Don’s road it was a good ride. We encountered a little drizzle as we rode past Newham but it had disappeared by the time we were riding along Anderson Road and the ride into Woodend was completed without any more rain.

The ride was a little cool which was a big change after the great weather of last weekend but hopefully  these current conditions will soon disappear and more pleasant riding will become the norm.

The warmth of the coffee shop was very welcome.