21 Nov

Ride News

Friday – Bright – 20th November 2015

15 riders rode to the top of Mt Buffalo and 1 other rider (who organises the routes for the Bright trip) managed to take a wrong turn off and rode to Buckland Valley before realising he was on the wrong road, then returned and found the correct road and climbed nearly to the top before meeting with one of our riders who was descending on the way down. He also had a connection problem on his Di2 gears which meant he could not change gears and had to ride back to Bright in Granny Gear.

Brett also sabotaged Morgan by feeding a greasy breakfast milk and he that regurgitated on the way up the climb.

9 members rode the climb for the first time which was a great effort for all of those members and congratulations to all those concerned.

The ride was followed by the long descent to the bottom and unfortunately Sue had the misfortune to puncture on the way down with about 9km to go, however as I was with her at the time, between us we got the tube changed fairly quickly and continued on the descent back to Bright.

A good time was had by all.