18 Mar

Ride News – Thurs. 17th March

6 riders headed out north from Woodend, facing a sometimes stiff headwind. (Although it didn’t seem as strong as the Bureau predicted).  David led us down a road that a few of us looked suspiciously at, wondering what the unmade surface would do to our bikes. However, the unmade section (part of Mowbrays Road) was in good condition, quite short, and an attractive variation to our usual routes.

In addition to trying out a new section of road,  for a change we also tested ‘Milko’, a new coffee shop that has only been open for a week or so. The milk shakes were great, but the jury is still out on the coffee. The operator took pains to check out our opinion of the drinks. We were joined for coffee by Penne and Mark, riding bikes that I think would survive a direct hit from a nuclear weapon. Luke was observed as we were leaving, is recovering quickly from his broken ribs, and expects to start riding again soon.

An enjoyable 45k+ ride, held in generally good weather conditions.