24 Mar

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 24th March 2016

3 riders turned up in Woodend this morning on a very dreary start of the day with low cloud, misty rain but fortunately no wind. Our club member (No names) who never rides in the rain was also one of the 3 who turned up but decided to go home to read the paper in dry surroundings.

After waiting for a few extra minutes Jennie and I went for a 47k ride out through Newham, Chases Lane and back via Cobb & Co Road and except for some slight drizzle and damp roads early in the ride, conditions were quite good and we had an enjoyable ride. We were joined by Donna and Roscoe at the coffee shop as they had wimped out of riding, but came in to Woodend to see if anyone was silly enough to ride.