06 Apr

Tallarook to Yea Trail Ride – Sunday – 3d April 2016

8 riders took part in the Tallarook to Yea and Cheviot tunnel trail ride in perfect conditions. One rider, whose name we won’t mention but is otherwise known as ‘el presidente’, bit off more than he could chew, and quietly begged a lift back to his car from Trawool to Tallarook. Lance had already shortened his ride to the same distance – a measly 78k, but can be forgiven due to coming off his bike early in the ride. (See photos. The first photo can be considered the ‘before’ treatment photo, and the second photo ‘after’ the treatment of Lance’s leg) John was talked into reducing his ride distance to avoid travelling back to Tallarook on his own. The remaining riders rode a leisurely 67k. Enjoyable lunch, great company and good spirits all around (notwithstanding Lance’s injury)