19 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 17th April 2016

17 riders assembled this morning in Kyneton under clear skies but with a very strong southerly wind blowing which unfortunately made today’s ride difficult because it meant that the return ride to Kyneton was into a very strong headwind and all ride distances had to deal with the wind, some for a longer time than others.

3 riders rode the short ride, 3 rode the medium ride, 6 rode the long ride and the remaining 5 rode the 100k challenge which obviously had the longest distance into the head wind on the way back. The last contact I had with those riders they were at Elphinstone and on the way back after a mandatory coffee stop at Harcourt, Dave, John and Mark were in the group so you could not expect anything else.

All rides were conducted at a very fast pace out to Elphinstone and beyond as to that point there was a strong tailwind but things soon slowed down considerably when all groups turned to head back to Kyneton.

At least when the riders arrived back in Kyneton at the cafe, it was a welcome relief to be able to sit in the sun out of the wind after the tough slog back to Kyneton. After a good rest and some refreshment everyone headed for home.