05 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 5th June 2016

10 riders arrived this morning in Gisborne to battle the cool conditions with the sun commencing to shine through the clouds and we were joined  by John McB during the ride. 7 riders rode the longer ride, 3 the medium ride and 2 members who were late arriving  and who did not read the maps correctly rode the medium ride in the wrong direction so we did not see them during the ride, plus Dave C arrived after we started and rode the long ride except for Waterfalls Rd but also missed us unfortunately. Altogether a total of 12 riders this morning completed the rides.

For all the fair weather members out there you will be displeased to note that we rode the complete ride in fine conditions with quite a lot of the ride in sunshine and mostly on dry roads with the only thing to note was when we rode over Mt Gisborne there was a small patch of fog just as we crested the top for a few hundred metres which soon changed back to sunshine.

After a pleasant time in the warmth of the coffee shop the remaining 6 riders headed homeward with 4 of them having to ride home to either Gisborne or Riddells Creek addresses.