07 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Romsey – 7th August 2016

15 riders assembled this morning in Romsey for today’s ride in good conditions with sunshine and little wind. The Club President plus locals were the only ones who managed to drive into the parking area from the correct direction. Who said cyclists can follow directions.

5 riders rode the longer route, 8 the medium and two late comers rode a modified route and eventually joined up with the other riders. Who is always late at this time because he has to feed horses. After good rides by each group we all assembled at the cafe for a social chit chat before heading home. The cafe had a big outside round table in the sun which was large enough to accommodate all members.

One rider then had to ride back to Woodend making his ride in excess of 100km for the morning. A good morning was had by all riders especially those who don’t normally ride from Romsey.