14 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 14th August 2016

27 riders prepared to tackle the conditions for this morning’s ride from Woodend. We had ideal weather for the ride with sunshine, light winds early and drying roads. Unusual from Woodend of late. 8 riders rode the longer ride, 13 the medium and the remaining 6 the shorter distance. We also had 4 first time riders with us today. All rides had the same issue with a strengthening wind from the north west during the ride making things difficult heading towards Carlshrue. The good thing was that when we started to head along Cheveley Road back to Woodend the wind then became a tail wind.

Most riders rode the published routes apart from one member who rode the longer ride but diverted around the climb and 2 others on the medium ride who rode the climb but shortened the ride due to a hard ride/race the day before.

Once back at Woodend the riders on the medium ride then headed for the warmth of the cafe. A lengthy discussion about Strava Personal Best times over the mandatory¬† refreshments then ensued. Multiple P.B’s were recorded by various members. The riders on the longer ride were just arriving back as the earlier members were dispersing.

After some more discussion everyone departed for home. Hopefully now that the weather is improving we will continue to have many more days of better weather.