01 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 1st September 2016

7 riders assembled this morning for the first club ride of spring. The sun was shining and conditions were good for riding if a little cool when the sun went behind clouds. Most of the ride was in perfect conditions and hopefully a sign of things to come.

We rode a 53km loop out and down Bryce’s Lane, Newham, Chases Lane and back via Cobb & Co road. The ride was into a slight head wind early that became a tail wind for the finish of the ride.

2 riders rode a slightly shorter loop to get some sprinting practice for upcoming races and everyone joined back up at the cafe for the usual coffee and a chat.

As we departed from Woodend there were signs of rain about to commence. We managed the best of the weather for the day. Good judgement or fools luck.