02 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 2nd October 2016

21 riders assembled this morning under sunny skies with a light wind blowing. 8 riders rode the longer ride, 8 the medium ride and 5 the shorter ride. We also had some first time rider with the club this morning and all appeared to have a good time. The medium and short groups rode together till the regrouping point at the end of Young’s Road. 2 riders from the longer ride chose to shorten their ride to the medium distance. As the ride progressed the wind began to get much stronger. A nice tail wind pushed the riders up the climbs and fortunately the sections into the wind were mainly downhill.

After the ride we enjoyed the calm of the cafe out of the wind. A good social time ensued before every one departed for home. Riders on the longer ride went to the cafe opposite and I joined up with them for a chat before heading home.