06 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 6th November 2016

23 riders assembled this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were cool with a strong south west wind blowing. Conditions improved during the ride and by the finish were much warmer and more enjoyable with the latter part of the ride having a tail wind. We also had a first time rider with the club this morning Allison who rode the longer ride.

10 riders rode the medium ride including 2 riders riding a tandem, the remaining 13 the longer ride split into 2 groups with 8 and 4 riders. One rider was ill during the ride and had to return to Woodend hence the difference in numbers. The early part of the ride was difficult riding along Ashbourne Road directly into the wind and on the longer ride all the way to Trentham. Once past those points everyone enjoyed either a tail wind or a cross tail wind for the remainder of the ride.

Back at the cafe it was nice being able to sit in the sun, be warm and have a good chat before heading home. Our sick rider also returned to the cafe and joined us before we all headed home.