11 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 11th May 2017

10 riders arrived in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were frosty with hazy skies and a gentle breeze blowing. One member unfortunately left his helmet home needing a trip back to collect the helmet. We rode one of our usual 53kkm loops but in reverse direction to normal. We went to Kyneton along Cobb & Co Rd, Batters Ln, then Chases Ln, Newham, Bryces Ln and back to Woodend. Ken S had the misfortune to have a slow leak in his rear tyre which after pumping up continued to leak at a faster rate so he stopped and waited for a lift back to the cafe.  Members commented that most had not ridden some of the roads in the different direction.

Once back at the cafe everyone enjoyed the company, sitting in the sunshine and the chit chat before heading home.