24 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 24th September 2017

11 riders arrived in Kyneton to tackle today’s conditions. Totally different from the warmth of yesterday. The weather was cool with a very strong north west wind blowing. All riders opted to ride the medium ride and I think for the first time the ladies of the club out numbered the men for today’s ride. Don’t tell me that all the guys were watching the football and were not able to make the ride. ( Softies)

4 riders continued down Metcalfe Hill to add some distance to the ride and the remainder waited for them to climb back up the hill.

Once we started back from the top of the hill we enjoyed the tail wind back, except for the section in Malmsbury East Road which was directly into the wind. As we got back to the velodrome it began to rain for a few minuted and then stopped as we put our bikes away.

We all then adjourned to the cafe for some warmth and refreshments before heading home.