01 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 1st October 2017

15 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning for today’s ride on the first morning of daylight savings. Lower numbers than normal so I wonder how many forgot to put  clocks forward on Saturday night or were still recovering from Grand Final celebrations.  Conditions were overcast with a light wind blowing. Also good to see Lawrie and Therese back riding with us again. Reminds me of bears coming out of hibernation with improving weather. They had been riding but not so early in the mornings.

13 riders rode the longer ride and the remaining 2 the medium ride. There were 2 groups on the longer ride with 7 riders in the faster group and 6 riders in the slower group. One of the riders in the slower group had only climbed the Woodend side of the mount once before, and never all the way without a stop. (Well done to Kath) plus 2 others who had not ridden the climb without a stop. Also 2 of the riders had never been down the Gisborne side descent so another first. Apart from having fire trucks  backing into the fire station during the descent all riders got down safely.

Once back at the cafe it was the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home.