17 Nov

Ride News

Bright Trip Day 1

Weather conditions were so bad that no one rode that day.

Day 2

Mount Buffalo Climb

17 riders tackled the climb from Bright to Mt Buffalo, a return ride of approx 70km to 78km depending on the finish at the top of the climb. We had 6 first timers climbing the mountain including a newer lady member who only began riding in March of this year. A terrific achievement for all of those riders.  We were in the clouds and fog at the top of the mountain when we felt some spits of rain and within minutes we were in the middle of a thunder storm plus hail which was directly overhead making for a very interesting descent down the mountain. Everybody made it down the mountain safely. Once halfway down the sun began to shine and it was warmed up quickly. Some riders who started the descent first managed no rain at all.

Lake Buffalo ride.

8 riders rode from Myrtleford to Lake Buffalo and back a distance of approx 44km. The riders had some rain but more the inconvenience of getting wet and then drying out. One rider had the misfortune to have a puncture and once that was repaired another member of the group found that he also had a puncture. After both were repaired they completed the rides and enjoyed lunch in Myrtleford.

Details of tomorrow’s ride to come in the next installment.