26 Aug

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 26th August 2018

19 riders arrived in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were frosty at the start with the sun shining and a light breeze. As the ride progressed and the frost disappeared riding conditions were excellent.

8 riders rode the long ride, 9 the medium ride and the remaining 2 rode the short ride.  As usual riders on the long ride went off first and the remaining 11 rode together to the end of Youngs Road where they split into the medium and short rides. Conditions on the rides were good apart from a change of wind direction from the forecast for a light head wind on the return ride.

All riders were then together at the cafe for the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home. One unnamed member of the medium group kept inquiring how long the long ride would be while waiting for her husband to return. Once all riders were back then everyone was happy.