16 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 16th September 2018

14 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were cold with some sun shining. Members reported that many of them saw overnight snow at their homes. The wind was from the west and during the ride the wind was either a cross head wind or cross tail wind. Member numbers were down due to many riding the Amy’s Grand Fondo today.

10 riders rode the medium ride and the remaining 4 rode the longer ride. On the medium ride 2 riders rode down Metcalfe Hill, myself and one other. As we crested the top of the climb on the way back one of our lady riders was stuck on the side of the road having trouble with a puncture. We both stopped to assist. The tyre was very difficult to remove from the wheel so no wonder the rider was having trouble. Once fixed we then proceeded with the ride.

We also attempted to intervene with an incident with a dog attacking a kangaroo. Fortunately the dog’s owner arrived on the scene and as best we were able to judge intervened and saved the day. We had some very light rain on the way back which only lasted a short dictance and not enough to think about putting rain jackets on. We then rode out into sunshine for the remainder of the ride.

All riders were then together at the cafe for the usual chatter and refreshments before we all headed home.