03 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Woodend – 3rd November 2019

25 members assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. The weather was overcast with some fog around Woodend and a light Northerly wind blowing. As the ride commenced the fog began to lift and we had patches of sunshine, however the morning was mainly overcast and mild. 

18 riders rode the medium ride and the remaining 7 rode the longer ride. The medium ride split into 2 groups with the faster 9 in front followed by the remaining riders. Riders on the long ride maintained a fast pace and were back at the cafe just after the medium riders were getting settled. One of the riders on the long ride managed to get separated from the group and not having checked the map details for the ride turned right at the bottom of Bryces Lane and rode to Lancefield whereas the other turned left and rode in the opposite direction. The ride distance was much the same as the others, and everyone including the rider had a good laugh back at the cafe. To protect the foolish no names will be mentioned but I expect a closer look at the ride details in future.

All riders were together back at the cafe where we all enjoyed the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home.