07 Nov

Thursday Ride – Woodend – 7th November 2019

6 brave souls arrived in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were cold with a gale force West North Westerly wind blowing, and the threat of rain, definitely nor ideal riding weather.

We rode our usual 53km ride out to Newham via Bryces Lane, 3 Chain Road to Chases Lane and turning for the ride back to Woodend at Batters Lane. One rider did not ride the Chases Lane loop as he had to be back early. The ride out to Batters Lane was mainly either a head wind or cross head wind making it difficult for that portion of the ride. Once turning at Batters Lane the ride back was tail wind or cross tail wind which was mush better than the earlier part of the ride. Riding in both directions the cross wind gusts made keeping the bike straight very tricky at times.

Back at the cafe it was the usual chatter and refreshments before we headed home with one member having to ride home but luckily it was a  tail wind for the ride.