26 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride-  Gisborne – 26th October 2014

18 riders turned out for this mornings ride in brisk conditions in Gisborne, but as the ride progressed things warmed up and an enjoyable ride was had by all.

10 riders commenced the long ride and 8 the shorter ride, but as both rides followed nearly the same route early except the routes changed with the more difficult ride going up over Mt Gisborne and the shorter route bypassing Mt Gisborne the numbers changed to 11 and 7 riders.

When the groups got back to Gisborne confusion reigned as the longer riders group took a wrong turn so we then had 12 riders on the short ride and 5 on the long ride. It just shows that being a good rider does not mean that you can read map directions.

Everyone all joined up at the end and had coffee and a relax in Gisborne.

19 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton 19th October 2014

11 riders turned out for today’s ride. The numbers were down a little as some members were riding in the round the bay ride.

5 riders were took the long ride option and set out to beat the riders in the shorter ride to the top of Shepherds Hill. Unfortunately they were successful however the short riders had a good excuse as they had a slight mishap which caused one rider to fall and some minutes were lost making sure everything was OK before continuing to ride. The short course group also had the more difficult hill to climb, especially in their opinion.

A good ride was had by all and an enjoyable cup of coffee and a chat afterwards.


15 Oct

Rides in the pipeline

In addition to our usual Sunday social riders, here are a few rides in the pipeline:

A ride to the Paramoor winery for lunch – possibly on the second Sunday in November.

A ride up Mount Macedon, with each rider choosing what side to ride up, and meeting at the top for coffee

A combined ride with the Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club late November

A possible ride on the Great Victorian Rail Trail, meeting at Yea for lunch

And there are still cabins available at the Beechworth caravan park during our 2-4 day trip in December. New members and non-members welcome. Contact us for further details

12 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride   –  12th October 2014   –    Woodend

16 riders attended today’s ride from Woodend with 10 riding the short ride and 6 the longer ride with one new first time rider with the club doing the short ride. The weather conditions were excellent and all riders enjoyed the ride and the coffee and socialising after the ride.

The group riding the longer ride were back while most of the other riders were still enjoying their cuppas so everything worked to plan.

05 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – 5th October 2014 – Gisborne

12 riders rode out of Gisborne in slightly overcast conditions on the first morning of daylight savings, with 8 riders taking the short ride and 4 riders taking the longer option of going over MT Macedon from the Woodend side, however the sun soon came through and a beautiful morning for riding was had by all.

Weather conditions were ideal for riding with just a slight breeze and after the initial climbing out of Gisborne, Mt Macedon and Baringo a fast ride back was enjoyed by all.