22 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 22nd February 2015

19 members assembled on a fine morning with a hot forecast, but fortunately the sky was overcast and the expected temperature did not eventuate during the ride. Conditions were warm but not hot with a slight northerly wind blowing.

3 riders rode the shortened version of the 44k ride, 12members rode the full 44k ride and 4 members rode the longer 56k ride including Ken who tried to chase down the fast riders. A totally useless exercise as he was never going to catch them as they had a head start after the first few climbs, but he had a good ride anyhow and still managed to get back to the coffee shop before the others had left.

A good ride was had by all and the warmer weather was just starting to heat up as members finished their coffee’s and were heading home.


08 Feb

Ride News

21 members assembled for today’s ride including 2 new riders on a beautiful morning for riding, clear skies and hardly any wind. The turnout was the best we have had for some time especially when there were plenty of riders who regularly ride who were not in attendance.

3 riders opted for the half version of the shorter ride including one of our newest members, 5 rode the published short ride and 13 rode the longer route including our 2 new lady riders and another lady rider who had previously not attempted such a long ride. All riders covered there respective distances with ease and the main street of Gisborne was later filled by all the riders having a well earned coffee at the conclusion of the ride.

As they say “it is not about the ride but the coffee afterwards that’s important”.

02 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 1st February 2015

10 members assembled for Sundays ride in cool conditions with a very strong southerly wind blowing. 6 members elected to ride the shorter ride and Nick, Brett, Ken and Luke opted for the longer ride. The riders on the longer ride also included the Shepherds Hill Road loop making a total distance of 72km’s. The ride were great for the first part of the ride with the tail wind but of course at some point the ride went  in the opposite direction and back straight into the wind making the return journey difficult.

An enjoyable ride was had by all and the coffee afterwards was all the more enjoyable after the effort