31 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 31st May 2015

10 riders assembled on a typical Woodend winter’s morning ( Windy, Wet & Cold). Most riders had traveled to Woodend from out of town and left their homes under sunny skies. Good to see Andrew riding again on his cyclo-cross bike with chunky tyres, ideal for the conditions.

3 riders elected to ride the shorter route and the remaining 7 rode the longer route which was made even longer by Dave’s insistence on a mandatory coffee stop in Lancefield, so the longer ride was a distance of 64km.

In the interests of rider safety the published route was amended to not go up Mt Macedon Road and therefore down Straws Lane as in the wet conditions it was considered to dangerous.

The second coffee stop in Woodend was enjoyed by those left of the 7 on the longer ride, especially the ones who had changed out of their wet clothes. Considering the weather an enjoyable ride was had by all.

28 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 28th May 2015

3 hardy soles turned out for this mornings ride, Ken M, Jennie and Donna and rode a 44k ride out to Carlshrue and back via Newham, Bryces Lane, Straws Lane. The weather was a little misty in  Woodend but by the time we had cleared the township sunshine prevailed for the rest of the ride. Ross G arrived to late to join in the ride but after multiple coffees waiting for the other riders to return he was last sighted heading to Macedon to ride the south side of Mt Macedon back to Woodend.

3 Hearty Cheers for both Jennie and Donna who climbed the ascent of Straws Lane to Mt Macedon Road for the first time. A great achievement as the gradient is in excess of 10% for most the way.

24 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 24th May 2015

20 riders assembled on a very frosty morning in Gisborne today but ride conditions were perfect with sunny skies and very little wind. 9 riders elected to ride the shorter ride and 9 also rode the longer ride and the 2 Ross,s decided to ride their own route and pace.

A good ride was had by all apart from some confusion over the route of one of the riders, however all ended OK.

Coffee was enjoyed by all including Dave  who was shamed into going the long way to the coffee shop by Ken (not taking the short cut) and never heard the end of it.

21 May

Thursday Social Ride – 21st May 2015

There were 2 brave, committed riders ( or should I say that they should be committed) who rode from Woodend this morning under very cold and threatening skies. However as fortune favours the foolish the skies cleared as soon as riders cleared the Woodend township and the ride was conducted under sunny skies. The ride was up to Carlshrue and back via Newham and up Bryce’s Lane. A great ride out to Carlshrue with the tail wind but unfortunately there was obviously a head wind most of the way back, however an enjoyable ride of 37k was had by Ken & Roscoe.

17 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 17th May 2015

17 riders assembled on a beautiful sunny morning in Kyneton for today’s ride. 6 riders elected to ride the shorter route and 11 the longer route. Of the 11 on the longer route 5 elected to return via Shepherds Hill road, an addition of an extra 15km over the published route. By the time the last 5 riders arrived at the coffee stop only 2 remnants of the earlier groups were still there. However an enjoyable coffee and a chat was had by those still there.

14 May

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend

4 brave souls (2 female Jennie, Donna and 2 male, Ken M, Luke) turned up for today’s ride under cold, windy and misty rain. Fortunately the skies cleared and the sun came out as we headed out for a 44k ride to Carlshrue and returned via Newham, Bryces Lane . A good ride was had by all followed by the mandatory cup of coffee.

10 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th May 2015

3 foolhardy riders braved the conditions for this mornings ride, (fair weather riders were noted in their absence). Dave C, Ken M & Jennie S all rode a 44k loop out Ashbourne Road, Chanters Lane, Carlshrue and back via Cobb & Co road. Apart from damp roads there was not a lot of rain and some brief areas of sunshine and all were rugged up with waterproofs and the ride was quite exhilarating.

As all 3 were a bit damp by the finish of the ride coffee was bypassed to get home and into dry clothes. However an enjoyable ride was had by the 3 riders.

07 May

Thursday social ride

Two brave (female) souls headed off from Woodend this Thursday. We enjoyed fresh conditions, lovely autumn skies with the rain and wind holding off, easily managed a loop via Kyneton and avoided ‘acorn alley ‘on the way home. The exhilaration  of riding in cool conditions lasted all day!

04 May

BAD Ride Sun 3rd May

Six riders represented our club at Ballarat. Two rode the 50 km circuit out of Smythesdale and four riders started out on the 90 km circuit from Lake Wendouree (three rode 100  kms inadvertently, due to missing the turn off for the slightly shorter route.) All  met up in Smythesdale at the designated lunch stop.  All enjoyed the ride, which was well organised and well attended by cyclists of varying capabilities.

03 May

Ride News – Sunday 3rd May 2015 – Romsey

12 riders assembled  on a beautiful sunny start to the day in Romsey this morning. It was good to see Alan back riding again and as it was his first ride for many months he rode the short course to Lancefield and back.

All other 11 riders rode the long course to Feeneys Road and 4 riders chose the short trip back to Romsey bypassing Rochford Hill. 2 riders also had a coffee break in Lancefield  making the ride a 2 coffee ride,and rejoined the rest at the top of the hill in Benloch.

All members enjoyed the coffee break at the end of the ride.