11 Oct

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 11th October 2015

A record number of 25 riders assembled in Kyneton including one new member, Becky and another rider Frank who had not previously ridden with the club. The morningĀ  conditions were a little cool to start but that soon changed to a great day for riding especially as the return ride had a nice tail wind.

8 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 17 rode the longer route. Ken M (me) did his usual trick of complaining of the slow pace of the lead riders so took of to chase the riders who started slightly ahead of the riders who were riding the longer route. The number of riders on the longer route was also accidentally increased because some of the riders who intended to ride the shorter route went past the turn around point and rode down the hill into Metcalfe and from there it was just as easy to continue on the longer route as to climb back up the Metcalfe Hill. The groups started to merge together again at Malmsbury as the riders on the shorter ride had stopped there for coffee and doughnuts, (namely Roscoe who has difficulty riding past a coffee shop and company), even coffee Dave missed out on his mid ride coffee break, and everybody then road back to Kyneton with the riders splitting into 2 groups with some riding directly back to Kyneton and 9 riding back via Lauriston.

Fortunately because the groups were a bit separated on the road by the time they reached the coffee shop the owners had an easier time and did not have 25 riders descend all at once for coffee. A good ride was had by all.