26 Nov

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 26th November 2015

5 riders turned up to ride from Woodend this morning under very cold conditions with a very strong South Westerly wind blowing and only Jennie was dressed for the occasion as the others were expecting the day to warm up as is usual for this time of the year.

We rode to Carlshrue and by that time everyone was freezing cold and there was no objections to shortening the ride from the planned route. We then proceeded to ride to Newham and back via Bryce’s Lane,  Boundary Road, a distance of approx 40km. We also managed to encounter at least 3 rain squall’s which further added to the bad conditions with the only bright point being that when it was not raining the sun was shining.

The coffee shop was welcome relief at the finish and the sun was out but still cold.