13 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 13th December 2015

19 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning including 2 new members who had an enjoyable ride even with a minor mechanical issue. The ride was held in ideal conditions , sunny, slight North Wind which meant a tail wind on the way back to Kyneton for the finish of the ride. The riders were also joined by Sharon at the half way point making a total of 20 riders.

6 riders rode the longer route and the remaining 14 the shorter route with 3 members on the shorter route riding the extra option distance of climbing Shepherds Hill Road. They were the mountain goats in training as they are traveling  to ride Lake Mountain and Mt Buller next week.

There was much discussion at the coffee shop as to who wanted to stop at Malmsbury for coffee and doughnuts, but it appeared that n the end the riders went through the town without stopping. Hard to believe when you consider the riders in question, no names mentioned so I am not accused of picking on members all the time, well at least for this week anyway.

A good time was had by all.