21 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – 21st February 2016

A smaller number of 21 riders were ready for today’s ride from Gisborne with very chilly conditions early that quickly warmed up, and those members who were wearing multiple layers very soon started disrobing. 12 riders rode the longer and the remaining 9 riders the shorter route except that 2 members on the shorter route went up over Mt Gisborne and arrived at the regrouping point after the riders on the shorter ride had departed from there. However all was resolved and they rejoined the shorter group at the next regrouping point and the rides continued, then disaster struck with Brett having a puncture and in true fashion Lawrie stayed with him to enjoy the experience. The riders on the shorter ride continued and the two riders later caught up with the other members of the group, which by this time was down to 6 members as 2 riders had to branch out (last time I will use that joke) with another who also stopped at the cafe in Gisborne at the mid point of the ride.

The original 9 riders were all together at the cafe at the finish and by the time they were getting ready to depart the cafe the riders on the longer route were starting to arrive, especially as two members took a short cut but I will not name them ( a husband and wife combo) followed by others in 2 groups as some chose to vary the scheduled ride and go to the Trading Post for a coffee and surprise surprise Dave was not one of them however his other partner in crime (Roscoe) was a part of the group.

All riders were back in Gisborne by the time the remainder left for home and a good ride was had by all.