15 May

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 15th May 2016

A beautiful morning for a ride this morning and all the fair weather club riders appeared from nowhere and I promised I would not single anyone in particular, not an easy promise to keep.

A total of 25 riders tackled the elements with 2 riders riding the short ride, 7 the medium ride including a rider who just happened to pull up in the car park with his bike as we were about to leave and we invited him to join us. The remaining 11 riders started from Gisborne on the longer ride and were joined by 5 members who were riding in from Woodend which then made 16 riders on the longer ride. All riders were back together later at the cafe. We also had 1 new member riding with us for the first time and Julie having a ride with us after being missing for some months due to family commitments.

A good ride was had by all and with the tail wind on the way back and not a lot of traffic on Mount Macedon Road the descent from the top of the mount was an enjoyable ride.

After refreshments everybody then departed for home with some riders riding home to either Woodend, Sunbury, or the outskirts of Gisborne.