26 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – New Gisborne – 26th June 2016

11 brave souls arrived ready to tackle this mornings ride from New Gisborne, one of the smallest number of members riding for some time and apart from the cold the sun was out during the ride and conditions were good for riding. We had dry roads and the climbs and descents were all conducted in safe conditions. Fortunately the frost had disappeared by the time we were prepared to commence the ride and apart from the cold morning air and with all riders rugged up wearing multiple layers for protection from the elements we proceeded on the rides.

5 riders rode the medium circuit and the remaining 6 rode the longer circuit and the riders were back for a coffee together before all the riders on the medium circuit had left the cafe.

We were also joined at the cafe by Pene having her first outing after her mishap and one warm weather weeny (no names but he has tatt’s) and after a warm drink and a chat we all departed for home including two members riding home over Mt Gisborne.