30 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 30th June 2016

3 brave souls (Fools more likely) braved the conditions this morning, myself and 2 of our school teacher members, on holidays,  Apart from the wind, conditions weren’t that bad when we started but things took a serious turn for the worst by the time we were riding through Newham with the rain turning to sleet and in our faces. Wonderful.

We rode a 35k loop out Boundary Road, Newham, Carlshrue and back via Clancy’s Lane. Once we turned onto 3 Chain Road the head wind then became a cross tail wind which made the ride easier and then a very strong tail wind back to Woodend along Cobb & Co Road, by which time the roads were very wet, spray over everything, wet feet etc. Dodging the puddles then became the issue and riders following were being covered in spray from the rider ahead. All in all a lovely day for a ride. Those members who decided not to ride certainly made the right choice and we would not have wanted one of our regular Thursday  riders to get a new bike wet.

Once inside the cafe where it was nice and warm and sitting close to the heater  with a warm cup in hand things started to look a little better. Just enough time to get a little warmer then out to brave the weather for the drive home.