07 Jul

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 7th July 2016

1 rider, namely myself was the only member silly enough to ride this morning. I had a good ride with my one friend, no one to dispute which circuit I wanted to ride so I picked a route well away from trees. No chance of suddenly coming across fallen branches on the road. I rode a 51k circuit out to Newham, Chases Lane, Kyneton and back via Cobb & Co Rd and Clancys Lane.

Aside from the fact that it was wet for the entire ride and a head wind on the return the biggest issue was the standing water over the road , Lots of puddles everywhere so gum boots might have been a better option. All the paddocks and the drains alongside the roads were flowing with the amount of water about.  I had a good ride and while fine would have been better it was good to get out on the bike.

After the ride it was straight into the cafe, park in front of the heater to warm up hands and fingers so I could get my helmet off and undo my over shoes. The hot drink was also great for wrapping of hands around the mug.

An update on Ken S’s fall from last Sunday. After waking up with a swollen wrist the next morning it transpired that he has broken a bone so he will be out of action for a while.