11 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 11th September 2016

19 members assembled in Kyneton this morning with clear skies and little wind. By the time the rides started the clouds had began to cover the sun making for cooler conditions.

There were 11 riders on the longer ride, 4 the medium and the remaining 4 the shorter ride. Riders on the long ride split into two groups allowing a faster group of 7 to ride at their pace and the other 4 at a slightly slower pace. Also on the medium ride 2 membersĀ  joined up with the riders on the shorter ride. The rides numbers then became 11 long, 2 medium and 6 short.

All rides had to battle a head wind for the first half of each ride which became a welcome tail wind for the second half of the rides back to Kyneton. Members on the long ride enjoyed a coffee break in Malmsbury during the ride instead of our normal practice of having the break at the finish due to the Daffodil Festival Parade in Kyneton today.

All in all a good ride was had by each group.