15 Sep

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 15th September 2016

4 members arrived this morning for today’s ride. Conditions were surprisingly good after the past few days of heavy rain. Only 2 members rode as one member had forgotten to bring cycling shoes, ( no names but he has tattoo’s) and went straight for a coffee.

The 2 riders rode a 30k loop out Boundary Road, Anderson Rd to Carlshrue and return via Cheveley Rd and enjoyed a good tail wind back to Woodend. During the ride we only had 1 section where there was any running water across the road. This section was in Boundary Road early in the ride and during the remainder of the ride there was quite a bit of sunshine and dry roads with the ever present threat of rain.

We managed to safely get back to Woodend without any rain. After having our coffee’s and walking to our cars there was rain beginning to fall. Another morning of good judgement.