22 Apr

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 22nd April 2018

28 riders arrived in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were ideal for riding with clear blue skies, sun shining and a light southerly breeze blowing.

18 riders rode the medium ride with the remaining 10 riding the longer ride. Some of the ladies who rode the medium ride had intended to ride the shorter ride but instead chose to ride a shortened version of the medium ride. Special mention must be made as 4 of them had never ridden that ride before. There were several difficult climbs during the ride and all riders completed the climbs. A great effort. Also another member arrived for the ride, went to get his front wheel from the car and realized that he had left the skewer home, whoops, so no ride for him. Names will not be mentioned.

After the ride it was the usual chatter and refreshments at the cafe before we all headed home.