30 Sep

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Woodend – 30th September 2018

34 riders assembled in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. An excellent number with the improved weather on the morning compared to the last weeks. Weather conditions were cloudy with a light breeze and the sun beginning to shine through. As the ride progressed we enjoyed increased sunshine on the ride. A welcome change from the cold riding conditions lately.

3 riders rode the shorter ride, 25 rode the medium ride and the remaining 6 rode the longer ride. We also had 2 first time riders with us this morning, 1 rode the long ride and the other the short ride. The ride was ridden at a good pace with a tail wind early followed by a light head wind to the start of Ashbourne Rd. From there we had a assisting wind back to Woodend.

Once back at the cafe the riders on both rides arrived back basically at the same time. Then it was a case of everyone sitting in the sun with the usual refreshments and chatter before heading home.