10 Nov

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Kyneton – 10th November 2019

26 members arrived in Kyneton this morning for today’s ride. Weather conditions were windy with a strong south westerly wind blowing and overcast skies. The ride was a tail wind early followed by a head wind during the middle portion of the ride and then a tail wind back to Kyneton.

12 riders rode the medium ride and the remaining 14 rode the longer ride. Both rides were ridden at a good pace with some of the climbing sheltered from the wind and then the tail wind back. One rider on the medium ride climbed Shepherds Hill for the first time with another having climbed once before. Both riders accomplished the climb without any problems. A good effort to both of them. 9 riders on the long ride who had ridden up from Woodend went back there along Ashbourne Road instead of riding to Kyneton.

The remaining riders were together at the cafe for the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home with the last of the riders on the long ride arriving as the remainder were about to leave.