16 Jan

Thursday Ride – Woodend – 16th January 2020

6 members arrived in Woodend for today’s ride under very trying weather conditions, a cold and very strong southerly wind. During the ride we were able to feel a couple of spits of rain but fortunately nothing more than that. The skies began to lift early and the smoke haze was not as present as in the previous days.

4 riders rode our normal 53km loop out to Newham via Bryces Lane, 3 Chain Road, Chases Lane and turning at Batters Lane for the ride back to Woodend, The other 2 riders eliminated the Bryces Lane and Chases Lane loops to avoid as much of the wind as possible for the ride back to Woodend. Ride speeds were down from previous weeks as for much of the ride the wind shifted continuously from cross tail wind to cross head wind.

Back at the cafe we were all glad to be able to sit inside out of the wind and in the warmth for the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home.