19 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Ride – Gisborne – 19th January 2020

23 members arrived in Gisborne on a foggy start to the morning. We had one new member having his first ride with the club and another new first time rider also. The fog began to disperse as the morning warmed and riding conditions were very good with a light wind blowing.

11 riders rode various versions of the medium ride to accommodate the first time riders with us and some others who had time constraints. The remaining 12 riders rode the long ride.There were multiple incidents on the long ride with the first being a tube exploding with a bang and riders ducking for cover wondering what had happened. A few km’s later another rider had a puncture. One member stayed with him as he replaced the tube and later another member also waited for them at one of the regrouping points. This left the group split with 9 and3 riders. Further up the road another incident with a front light falling off a bike.

After all the incidents most of the riders were together at the cafe for the usual chatter and refreshments before heading home. We were able to sit under a big tree at the cafe which was nice and cool and very pleasant.