30 Jan

Thursday Ride – Woodend – 30th January 2020

11 members arrived in Woodend this morning for today’s ride. The morning had already began to warm up by the time we commenced riding. At the start of the ride the wind was light but strengthened during the ride and by the time we were on the way back to Woodend we enjoyed a nice tail wind back.

2 riders rode a modified vesion of our normal ride by eliminating both the Bryces Lane & Chases Lane loops. The remainder set of to ride our usual 53km ride out to Newham via Bryces Lane, 3 Chain rd, Chases Lane and turning for the ride back to Woodend at Batters Lane. As occasionaly the plans falls apart and this morning one rider had a puncture and the group had split slightly by this time and one of the front group went back to assist. The remaining 4 riders continued on the full ride and the other 5 modifief the ride by eliminating the Chases Lane loop.

By the end of the ride it had become very warm so sitting outside in the shade was the order of the morning.  Back at the cafe it was the usual chatter and refreshments before we all headed home