10 Jan

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 10th january 2016

26 riders assembled in Gisborne this morning in cool conditions with some riders wearing arm warmers for the cold. We were joined by 2 others early on in the ride making 28 riders in total for the second week in a row which equals the most number of riders on the Sunday Rides. Also a first time rider with the club ( Mark) had an enjoyable time with us and we look forward to him having many more rides.

18 riders rode the shorter route and the remaining 10 the longer ride, with conditions ideal for a morning ride with the members who had arm warmers on not taking very long before they were discarded. The riders on the short ride we back in the coffee shop in Gisborne before the morning started to heat up, but by the time the riders on the longer ride arrived at the coffee shop conditions were warming up and most of them were hot and red faced by the last portion of their ride and they shortened the route to escape the heat.

We also had the misfortune to for a lady rider to have the bike saddle come off during the ride but as fortune would have it she was in Gisborne at the time just near the coffee shop and was able to place her bike in the car to be fixed at a later date. We can blame her partner as earlier in the ride he was shaking the bike to find out where the rattle was when she was riding and everybody said he must have shaken one of the seat bolts loose.

After the mandatory coffee and something to eat everybody went their way with 7 riders covering further distances back home with 5 local distances and one each going as far as Sunbury and Woodend.