28 Feb

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 28th February 2016

24 riders assembled this morning in conditions which have been the same for the past weeks, cool with a strong south wind blowing. 14 riders rode the longer route and the remaining 10 the shorter route but at the regrouping point at the end of Ashbourne Road John Mc decided to ride the shorter route leaving 13 on the longer ride, 10 the shorter ride with one member deciding to ride back to Woodend.

Both rides were conducted in similar conditions with cross winds at the start followed by a good tail wind section, followed by more cross winds and the final section a strong head wind back into Woodend.

However on a much more serious note disaster struck on the longer ride with a nasty accident occurring which required 2 members having to be taken to the emergency department at the Brooke Street Medical Centre in Woodend. The accident was caused by a water bottle  dislodging at the start of the descent from Shepherds Hill on a bumpy section of road and in the ensuing melee with riders dodging said water bottle 2 riders crashed and sustained injuries.

John M ended up with a broken collar bone, cuts and bruising and Luke severe bruising to his collar bone, shoulder area and multiple abrasions to his knee. When they both  departed the medical centre one rider was trussed up and the other with his arm in a sling and both naturally feeling sore and sorry. Club members then drove them both home and ferried their cars and bikes back to the relevant properties.

This incident also highlights one of the dangers we all face when we go out on the roads to enjoy our chosen pastime and that is the possibility of accidents happening through no fault of anyone.

On behalf of all club members we wish them both a speedy recovery and hope to see them back fit and riding again in the near future.