03 Mar

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 3rd March 2016

7 riders assembled this morning in Woodend under the typical conditions of the past few weeks, cold southerly breeze blowing with the ever present threat of rain which did eventuate for about maybe 5 minutes near the finish of the ride.

After much discussion we rode a 45km circuit down to Gisborne and back through Baringo with 4 riders wimping out of climbing up Nursery Road (self included) who instead went to McBean Ave and back up Black Forest Drive where they arrived at the corner of Nursery Road at the same time as the riders who climbed up the hill.

Then the rain started as we were on the downhill section heading back to Woodend but it cleared before we reached Ashbourne road. Just enough to get damp but nothing more, but it was good to see some rain if only for a short time.

Then it was into the cafe for a coffee and a chat before heading home.