06 Mar

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 6th March 2016

20 riders assembled this morning in Kyneton including 5 riders that were riding with the club for first time. A good roll up of numbers considering that the Women’s Ride to the Rock was also being held this morning with quite a few members participating in that event.

6 riders rode the short circuit, 5 the medium circuit and 9 rode the longer circuit. All riders were back in Kyneton before the heat started to build up. It was also good to see Luke coming in for a coffee. We also had the misfortune on the medium ride today to have another mishap with one member ending up with a sore and swollen wrist, however no further reports have been received at this time as to the severity of the injury pending an xray .

All members need to be mindful that for the safety of all road users if you suddenly change direction or If you’re slowing, stopping, diverging, see a pothole or other road impediment, become aware of cars behind or in front, that it is highly desirable you should get into the habit of yelling out an alert before it reaches the stage of potentially being an issue to fellow riders.

As I was on the longer ride today members who had ridden the other options had left the cafe by the time our group got back but by all reports all riders enjoyed their rides.