30 Jul

Saturday Rides/Races

As we have no commissaires at the moment there will not be racing form any of the venues shown on our racing schedule.  However this doesn’t mean that there will be no riding. All rec/training rides will be commencing from the velodrome at 1.30pm  You are invited to come along and enjoy a leisurely or if you choose a harder training ride to prepare you for when we commence racing again.

In regards to commissaires, ALL adult riders over 18 are requested undertake commissaire training as a group at a location/time to be determined. This way it will be beneficial not only to the club where you will be expected to take your turn to be commissaire for a race, but to you as a rider as you will get to understand what goes on behind the scene at race meetings.

Please tell me by email what day/time/location suits you. My personal thought is that the sessions be held at Woodend in the evening during the week but you have to let me know. 

Look forward to a flood of interest.

Thanks Greg B Sec