01 Jan

Greetings and salutations

Hi All,
First of all I want to wish you a very happy and enjoyable 2013. May it be all that you could wish and hope for!

Now that the new year is upon us it is time to……………RENEW MEMBERSHIP,

Attached is the club membership for with a resume of choices you can make as regarding membership.

The club has gone through a difficult year. The coming one may be as difficult but we can look forward to new things are happening for the better of the club overall.

We have to decide at the Tuesday February 5th  meeting how best we can put the Volunteers grant to best use under the guidelines for spending it. Put this date in you diary.

Another date to include in your diary for February,  is Friday 15th. We have been granted, once again, an opportunity to take part in the Kyneton Bowls Club Charity night.  It is expected that the club has at least 10 members present on the night. On the 15th March  we receive all the profit from the raffles held on our night. So tell ALL your friends, relatives and neighbours to come to support the club on the Friday 15th February.

I anticipate to recommence velodrome sessions on Tuesday 15th January @ 6pm. So Come one come all .

That’s it for now
Greg B

Meika Kloes @ the Romsey Festival



12 Nov

Will you be there????

  1. Tomorrow night, 7pm, RSL, Kyneton Annual General meeting. Be there to see what has happened and have a say in what is going to happen!!! CU there.
  2. 7 am if you can make it. Saturday 17th November velodrome, cementing of safety Roll on roll off area.
  • Note:- come even if you cannot get out of bed that early as there are other things that can be done around the Clubhouse, bring paint brushes and electrical devices to remove old paint and suitable ladders/planks to reach the areas. 
  • Then of course the most important thing is the celebratory BBQ at about 12pm after the work is done. SO bring stuff to eat, drink and share.

     3. 2.45pm, Saturday 25th November Romsey Festival participation. We will meet in the pub carpark unless otherwise advised.  All those who have club kit and even those who don’t are invited to come and be part of the club entry to the parade to display who we are.  Following the parade there will be a 30min criterium in the main street between Barry Street and Romsey creek bridge.  We will need about four blokes at each end to position the round hay bales for the race unless we can get a tractor to do it. Advice will be give on the day. Will also need a number of people to officiate during the race. Let me know that you will be there and are willing to help.

01 Sep

Club Meeting

Hi All,
Its time again for us to meet as a club at the RSL 7pm Percy Nuttal room for a business meeting.
You are encouraged to come and have input at the meeting.
You as members actually own the club so it would please me greatly if everyone came and had their two cents worth.(maybe it’s five cents these days)
Attached is the meeting minutes for the July meeting and the agenda for Tuesday meeting.

You are asked to print out the agenda and bring it with you to the meeting. This would save the club some brass.

Read the minutes to see what went on last time The minutes and agenda have been sent by email to club members and supporters

If you have anything else to have discussed send it to me by email and then bring it to the meeting.

Thanks heaps for your continued support

PS. Remember that next Saturday is a get together day at the Velodrome to get things done that need to be done like painting, signs fastening, fence repair, cleaning up around the velodrome and other various items. Then at about 12.30 the BYO BBQ and (fingers crossed) distributing the new club Kit. Then a ride for those who desire to go. So, bring all sorts of maintenance gear so that we can get things done. If unsure ring me 54293780

30 Jul

Saturday Rides/Races

As we have no commissaires at the moment there will not be racing form any of the venues shown on our racing schedule.  However this doesn’t mean that there will be no riding. All rec/training rides will be commencing from the velodrome at 1.30pm  You are invited to come along and enjoy a leisurely or if you choose a harder training ride to prepare you for when we commence racing again.

In regards to commissaires, ALL adult riders over 18 are requested undertake commissaire training as a group at a location/time to be determined. This way it will be beneficial not only to the club where you will be expected to take your turn to be commissaire for a race, but to you as a rider as you will get to understand what goes on behind the scene at race meetings.

Please tell me by email what day/time/location suits you. My personal thought is that the sessions be held at Woodend in the evening during the week but you have to let me know. 

Look forward to a flood of interest.

Thanks Greg B Sec

16 Jul


Hi All, Reminder about the club committee meeting at the RSL Percy Nuttall room 7.00pm tomorrow night 17th July. Need to see as many club member to come along to make some vital but necessary decisions that will have a possible long term effect on functioning of the club. Look forward to your being there.

If you can’t pls advise by email.

Greg B Sec