30 Dec

Ride News – 7 Peaks Challenge – Mt Baw Baw – 30th December 2015

Luke and I rode the climb to Mt Baw Baw from Tanjil Bren today with 5 others from the Lancefield Lairs Cycling Group. All riders successfully made it to the top of the climb and after an enjoyable coffee at the top and some food we started the perilous descent back to our cars. Rider safety was the order of the day on the descent as the gradient is very severe in places with some rough patches in the road surface after the snow season and cars with chains fitted to make things even more difficult. It was then into the cars for the long drive back home with a mandatory stop at Noojee for some cool refreshments and another chat about the days ride.

An excellent time was had by all.

27 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride 27th Dec 2015

28 riders took part in our post-Christmas ride – a club record for a Sunday ride. (At least, I think there were 28, I didn’t bring my calculator). Ken M, who usually writes the ride reports missed today’s ride, for perhaps the first time this year. I wouldn’t dare suggest that his absence was a causal factor in so many turning up. Perhaps it was more a case of a bunch who were desperately trying to remove some Christmas pudding off their waistlines. Only four of the group completed the long ride – Julie, Mark, John McB and Francis, our visitor from Canberra. Some of us did not want to face the 30k headwinds back into Woodend.
We have observed that riding skills can be in inverse proportion to map reading skills, as the group out front turned right out of Anderson’s Road instead of left. I don’t know who the black sheep was that led out, but I was one of the sheep that followed. No great harm done though, as we managed to bunch up again. A small group decided that the attractions of coffee were too great to complete the ride, and they peeled off to get the best seats in the cafe.
This was of course our last Sunday ride of the year. It was great to finish on such a good note in terms of numbers, lively spirits, and apart from a bit of wind, good conditions. The club is still growing rapidly, and we hope that the new riders stick with us. It takes time to form connections, but the enjoyment that many get from riding with the club is palpable.
24 Dec

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 24th December 2015

9 riders assembled this morning in warm conditions for the last ride before Xmas this year. To avoid the north wind on the return ride we rode out Cheveley Rd, Central Rd, Chanters Ln, and back via Ashbourne Rd, a ride of 39km which meant a tail wind from the end of Cheveley Rd and some nice shade in Chanters Ln and Ashborne Rd. We also had a first time rider with us for this mornings ride.

A good ride was had by all and an enjoyable pre Xmas coffee before returning home, not that a reason is needed for coffee at the end of the ride.

19 Dec

Ride News

7 Peaks Challenge Climb – Mt Buller – 16th December 2015

Luke and myself climbed Mt Buller on Wednesday starting at approx 9.30am from Merrijig as the morning was getting very warm by that time. The climb was conducted in very similar conditions to the previous day with the temperature at about 24 degrees with a slight cooling wind.

After a good climb to the top we enjoyed a coffee at the cafe and then rode up to the Arlberg just for the fun of it, had a cold drink then started back down to Merrijig. By the time we were still on the mountain we cold feel the temperature becoming warmer as we got closer to the bottom. Back to the Motel, quick shower, cool down in the reception area the in the car to drive home.

Arrived home tired but happy after a good two days climbing.

19 Dec

Ride News

7 Peaks Challenge Climb – Lake Mountain – 15th December 2015

Brett, Luke and myself rode Lake Mountain last Tuesday starting from Buxton at approx 10.30am. The weather was starting to warm up as we commenced the climb but as we got further up the mountain the weather cooled to a nice 22 degrees with a slight breeze. Ideal climbing conditions. We only stayed long enough at the top to take some photos of us at the official finish of the climb as the march flies were big enough to carry you off.

We then had the fast descent down the mount to Marysville, lunch in one of the cafe’s then rode back to Buxton which by this time was getting very warm which necessitated at stop at the pub where we had parked our cars for a cool lemon squash before driving back home in Brett’s case or to Merrijig for Luke and myself.

An enjoyable time was had by us all.


17 Dec

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 17th December 2015

7 riders were eager to go for a ride this morning on a hot northerly windy day. We rode to Carlshrue via Bryces Lane, Newham and back, a total distance of 40km and returned to Woodend with a very nice tail wind back from Carlshrue. The ride was ridden at a nice pace and everyone enjoyed the ride especially one lady member on her newer bicycle. No names mentioned.

Coffee was also enjoyable under the shade of a large umbrella in the front of the coffee shop.


13 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 13th December 2015

19 riders assembled in Kyneton this morning including 2 new members who had an enjoyable ride even with a minor mechanical issue. The ride was held in ideal conditions , sunny, slight North Wind which meant a tail wind on the way back to Kyneton for the finish of the ride. The riders were also joined by Sharon at the half way point making a total of 20 riders.

6 riders rode the longer route and the remaining 14 the shorter route with 3 members on the shorter route riding the extra option distance of climbing Shepherds Hill Road. They were the mountain goats in training as they are traveling  to ride Lake Mountain and Mt Buller next week.

There was much discussion at the coffee shop as to who wanted to stop at Malmsbury for coffee and doughnuts, but it appeared that n the end the riders went through the town without stopping. Hard to believe when you consider the riders in question, no names mentioned so I am not accused of picking on members all the time, well at least for this week anyway.

A good time was had by all.

10 Dec

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 10th December 2015

14 riders assembled for this mornings ride which is a record number for the Thursday rides. It is excellent to see the growth of the Thursday rides. We rode a route of 54 km out to Newham via Bryces Lane then on to Chases Lane and back via Kyneton. Brett had the misfortune of having his water bottle bounce out on the bumps coming down Bryces Lane which meant he had to stop and retrieve the bottle. The weather conditions were great with a slight headwind early and mainly a tail wind on the way back, and the day was just starting to heat up by the end of the ride.

11 riders rode the full route as two had to cut short the ride due to a family or a work commitment and 1 rider decided he needed some hill climbing work and so rode over Mt Macedon from the Gisborne side and then joined us for coffee and then later rode up the Woodend side of the Mount with one of our newer club members. It would be nice if we were all mountain goats like that but us lesser mortals have to make do with less climbing.

A great ride was had by all.


06 Dec

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 6th December 2015

15 riders assembled in Woodend this morning under cloudy conditions which made for a good ride as the sun never broke through the clouds to significantly warm the morning up to the expected temperatures.

4 riders rode the longer and the remaining 11 rode the shorter ride and were joined by Ross, and P.J who because he was not on the mailing list did not realise the change of start time to 8.30am. Problem is now solved as his name has now been added to the list.

There was also a mutiny on the way as the V.P decided he was going to vary the route as he wanted to ride a longer distance, we all know who he is and will make sure that he is reminded of the fact on future rides. Should manage to keep reminded him for years to come.

Everybody also managed to get back to the coffee shop at about the same time so an enjoyable time was had by all before all departed for home.

03 Dec

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 3rd December 2015

6 riders enjoyed a great ride this morning under cool conditions with a slight southerly breeze blowing. We rode to Newham via Bryces Lane, then to 3 Chain Road, Chases Lane, Batters Lane and back via Cheveley Road, a distance of 54 km. Conditions were excellent making the ride to Batters Lane very good, but of course every tail wind is usually followed by a head wind which we had back to Woodend making us work a little but not overly difficult.

A good time was then followed at our  usual coffee stop.