30 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 30th June 2016

3 brave souls (Fools more likely) braved the conditions this morning, myself and 2 of our school teacher members, on holidays,  Apart from the wind, conditions weren’t that bad when we started but things took a serious turn for the worst by the time we were riding through Newham with the rain turning to sleet and in our faces. Wonderful.

We rode a 35k loop out Boundary Road, Newham, Carlshrue and back via Clancy’s Lane. Once we turned onto 3 Chain Road the head wind then became a cross tail wind which made the ride easier and then a very strong tail wind back to Woodend along Cobb & Co Road, by which time the roads were very wet, spray over everything, wet feet etc. Dodging the puddles then became the issue and riders following were being covered in spray from the rider ahead. All in all a lovely day for a ride. Those members who decided not to ride certainly made the right choice and we would not have wanted one of our regular Thursday  riders to get a new bike wet.

Once inside the cafe where it was nice and warm and sitting close to the heater  with a warm cup in hand things started to look a little better. Just enough time to get a little warmer then out to brave the weather for the drive home.





26 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – New Gisborne – 26th June 2016

11 brave souls arrived ready to tackle this mornings ride from New Gisborne, one of the smallest number of members riding for some time and apart from the cold the sun was out during the ride and conditions were good for riding. We had dry roads and the climbs and descents were all conducted in safe conditions. Fortunately the frost had disappeared by the time we were prepared to commence the ride and apart from the cold morning air and with all riders rugged up wearing multiple layers for protection from the elements we proceeded on the rides.

5 riders rode the medium circuit and the remaining 6 rode the longer circuit and the riders were back for a coffee together before all the riders on the medium circuit had left the cafe.

We were also joined at the cafe by Pene having her first outing after her mishap and one warm weather weeny (no names but he has tatt’s) and after a warm drink and a chat we all departed for home including two members riding home over Mt Gisborne.

23 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 23rd June 2016

3 riders arrived this morning to tackle the conditions for today’s ride, not very friendly at all with a strong North Wind blowing and the temperatures certainly well below 10 degrees. Definitely long knicks, thermals and wind / rain jackets. Fortunately there was no rain just damp roads to contend with, which had dried by the time the ride was completed.

We rode a 38k loop into the wind along Cheveley Rd, Central Rd, Chanters Ln and back along Ashbourne Rd. Once we had the tail wind conditions were great but the strong wind made Ashbourne Rd difficult with the wind at times a cross wind and at times nearly a head wind and not the tail wind that we had anticipated.

After the ride it was straight into the cafe and huddle around the heaters to thaw out. Whoever said that cyclists had to be a little crazy to ride in some winter conditions had it right. After the mandatory warm drink we departed for home to no doubt do the same thing again another day.


19 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Kyneton – 19th June 2016

25 riders assembled this morning in Kyneton under grey skies with a light wind blowing, ideal conditions for a ride as it was just cold enough that wind or rain jackets might be needed and some members who started wearing them were soon putting them into jersey pockets. 2 late comers also joined the rides making a total of 27 riders altogether, an excellent number for a mid winter ride.

7 riders rode the shorter route, 7 the medium route and the remaining 13 rode the longer route. After the rides were over all members commented on the favourable conditions, light head wind early in the ride and a tail breeze back to the finish in Kyneton.

Some of members on the longer ride had also ridden up from Woodend and rode directly back part way through the ride but still would have ridden a longer distance than the scheduled ride.

An enjoyable time was had by those members at the cafe before everybody departed for home.

16 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 16th June 2016

4 riders arrived in Woodend to tackle the conditions this morning. Fine with a very strong and cold north wind blowing. We were also joined by a rider who is fairly new to the area and was out having a ride on his own. We rode a 40k loop out to Bryces Lane, Newham, Carlshrue and back as by the time we were at Chases Lane most riders only wanted to get out of the cold so we rode back via Cobb & Co Road and enjoyed the tail wind back to Woodend. The ride was still enjoyable even allowing for the cold except for the member who did not have shoe covers on and ended up with very cold feet.

Then it was everybody into the cafe and sitting close to the heater to get warmed up. After the usual discussions we then went our separate ways

12 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Woodend – 12th June 2016

21 riders prepared to take on the conditions this morning on a very cold and frosty start to the ride but fortunately there was no wind and the skies were starting to clear.

9 riders started the longer ride and they were joined by John H just as they left the car park at the commencement of the ride, 6 rode the medium ride and 6 rode the shorter ride a total of 22 riders in all. Good to see John and Sue back after being absent for some time. Both of the rides that went along Ashbourne Road were quite cold early in the rides but as riders on the longer ride cleared Trentham the weather conditions improved,  the riders on the medium ride had the same improvements as they headed along Chanters Lane towards Carlshrue and those on the shorter ride had good conditions throughout their ride. Clear skies and no wind, what more could you want apart from more warmth.

Riders on the longer ride successfully passed the crash point of the previous time we rode that circuit and by coincidence all the riders of that time were present for today’s ride.

We were also joined by Nick & a friend Peter who rode up and over the mount a bit later than our ride. It was also nice to have a coffee, chat about the rides and whatever and be able to sit outside in the sun and enjoy the company.

09 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 9th June 2016

7 riders arrived to tackle the conditions this morning from Woodend. Cold with a strong North West wind blowing but fortunately there was no sign of rain.

We rode a 55k loop out up to Kyneton and back via Chases Lane, Newham, Bryces Lane and ride conditions were good except for when we were riding directly into the wind which made things more difficult, and for a large portion of the ride we were on dry roads with some sunshine as well.

The warmth of the cafe was then much appreciated and everyone was huddled around the heaters to thaw out a little bit.

05 Jun

Ride News

Sunday Social Ride – Gisborne – 5th June 2016

10 riders arrived this morning in Gisborne to battle the cool conditions with the sun commencing to shine through the clouds and we were joined  by John McB during the ride. 7 riders rode the longer ride, 3 the medium ride and 2 members who were late arriving  and who did not read the maps correctly rode the medium ride in the wrong direction so we did not see them during the ride, plus Dave C arrived after we started and rode the long ride except for Waterfalls Rd but also missed us unfortunately. Altogether a total of 12 riders this morning completed the rides.

For all the fair weather members out there you will be displeased to note that we rode the complete ride in fine conditions with quite a lot of the ride in sunshine and mostly on dry roads with the only thing to note was when we rode over Mt Gisborne there was a small patch of fog just as we crested the top for a few hundred metres which soon changed back to sunshine.

After a pleasant time in the warmth of the coffee shop the remaining 6 riders headed homeward with 4 of them having to ride home to either Gisborne or Riddells Creek addresses.


02 Jun

Thursday Social Ride – Woodend – 2nd June 2016

6 riders tackled this mornings ride on a very cold start in Woodend but with the sun shining conditions improved greatly during the ride to a near perfect day for riding at this time of the year. The biggest question of the morning was if it was a 2 or 3 layer start. Most riders opted for a 3 layer start to the ride but half way around there was some removing of the third layer by some members.

We rode a 49km loop along Cheveley Road to Batters Lane and then back via Chases Lane, Newham, Clancys Lane. Due to the nearly complete absence of wind and what little there was became a tail wind on the way back so the ride was conducted at a fairly brisk pace.

It was even very pleasant to sit out in the sun having our coffee,s which had not been the normal procedure of late and a chat before heading homeward.